A Christmas classic, available in three festive colour options, rich holiday red, creamy winter white, and a lovely tricolour combination of red, white, and pink.


Our premium poinsettias are in 10" pots in a metallic sleeve and tied with a festive bow. Full and lush the measure approximately W18" x H 15"


Please note that actual colour may differ due to screen resolution.


Online holiday orders require a minimum 48 hour lead time.

If you need an arrangement in a more timely manner, please call to place and order. 


Please read our delivery policy.


Classic Poinsettias

  • Poinsettias are tropical plants that do not like the cold, and cannot be left outside.  

    Do not place them by a heat souce, as this will dry them out and leaves will fall.

    Water poinsettias whenever soil feels dry to the touch, about once a week.  Keep soil moist but not overly wet.